Jim VanScyoc ​is the sound engineer, "bus" driver, and vocal coach.

Jim has health issues that prevents him from being able to sing a whole program.  He suffers from a condition known as spasmatic dysphonia which causes him great difficulty in speaking and singing.  This has been quite a burden to carry because all he's ever known his whole life is singing.

Regardless, when he does sing, people are touched by his singing, even though in his mind (and ears), it is not perfect.  What is perfect is that he is an instrument of God, an imperfect vessel, serving a perfect God.

When asked why he loves singing gospel music, he says, "singing the Gospel is a small way that I can try to repay my debt back to the Lord for all He's done for me."

After 30 years, STILL sharing the Gospel through Music

The VanScyocs...

ABOUT US . . .

​Helen VanScyoc began singing with The VanScyocs when it was formed in 1988.  Being the daughter of a minister, Robert Erwin, and her mother, Lucille, Helen has had many opportunities to sing.

Helen began playing piano at age 4 and continues playing piano today.  She has recorded several piano CDs featuring some of the old hymns. 

In addition to singing and playing piano, Helen has published her first book "The Fence - Before, Behind and Beyond" which is her personal testimony. 

She recently published her second book, “God, Can I Sit On Your Lap?” which continues the story from her first book about Jim's son, Brad, whom he had given up for adoption at age 2 and found him when his son was 20.  This story shares our journey from then to when he passed away in January of 2014.  This book shares Jim's heart to those who have been in the same place as him and how to lean on the Lord.

Through the writing of these books, she has had several opportunities to speak at ladies' conferences and share her story. 

Her most recent book, Jimmy Takes His Best Friend to School is her first (of many hopefully) children's book.   

She says, "I don't want to brag about what I've done; I want to brag about what He's done."